Why choose organic....

to protect and invest in your health, your body, and the planet.

Organic Cotton

Regular cotton accounts for 16% of the world’s insecticides, more than any other crop in the world, and yet uses only 2.5%of the world’s land. Non-organic cotton uses the largest amount of pesticides than any other crop on the planet, and these residual chemicals may irritate consumer’s skin. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. When switching over to organic cotton, the use of toxic chemicals is eliminated; biodiversity is created in the soil, and it helps maintain a healthy soil and groundwater. This eliminates the direct pollution on the planet, and on your body.

Organic Wool

Organic wool is wool that is from sheep that has not been
exposed to or treated with chemicals or pesticides, and are
kept in humane and good farm conditions. When choosing
organic wool over conventional wool you ensure; a better
more humane life for the sheep, prevention of use of harmful
chemicals that seep into the soil, and in turn healthy rest for you.

Your Skin: Our largest organ in our body

Another benefit of using organic fabrics and materials is that it may cut down the risk of allergies through chemicals exposed directly to your skin. Your skin absorbs numerous toxic
substances and residue from direct contact, which can lead to skin allergies. However, organic fabrics do not contain any chemical residue, which greatly reduces skin irritation. The chemicals that are sprayed on any plant are absorbed into it and when you sleep
on the fiber that was treated, you in turn absorb the chemicals into your body through your skin. Choosing an organic mattress to sleep on is the most optimum choice for your skin and body.

Natural Latex (Not Synthetic)

Choosing natural latex is the best choice versus synthetic
latex. Natural latex is from plants and trees; found in
nature it is a milky fluid. Once converted for use for a
mattress it is plush and supportive. Natural latex will
help relieve pressure points in your body, it is antimicrobial,
and it also resists mold and dust mites. Natural latex is a
natural renewable material and is biodegradable. 100%
natural latex is inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial
and dust mite resistant, which makes it perfect for allergy
sufferers or anyone wanting to breathe more freely while
they sleep.

Healthy Breathing While You Sleep

NO OFF GASSING. Since organic cotton, organic wool,
and natural latex are not chemically treated, you will not
experience any initial off gassing or long term off gassing in
your mattress. This will help you breathe better at night. When
you sleep on an organic mattress you will have more ease in your
breathing while you rest.

Made Local, Made Fresh and Never Compressed

Recent science has shown that as a mattress, coil or foam based,
that is compressed with up to 80,000 lbs of pressure, starts to
break down at a rate of 2 weeks equaling 1 year of use, most
mattresses that are shipped in a box are usually sitting around
from 3-6 months before your mattress is delivered to your home,
and sometimes as long as up to 1 year. So if you do the math, a
mattress shipped in a box at the very least is like a mattress
that is already 6 years to 12 years old — or EVEN UP TO 24 YEARS OLD…
also, a lot of the Chinese imported mattresses are encased with
fiberglass or other toxic and unhealthy materials.
This is why you should always get a mattress that is

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